About Us

Note from the owner

Welcome to Carolina SteamPro and thank you for taking the time to look at our site, familiarize yourself with our history and consider us for your floor cleaning and disaster recovery needs.


My name is Dennis King and I am the owner and Operator here at Carolina SteamPro. We have been in business for 4 years here in the Tri-County area and have a long history in this business ranging back almost 10 years. My family and I moved to Charleston 4 years ago when I decided to open my business because we have a strong relationship with the company that I worked with before in Columbia SC and had no intentions of stepping on their client base.  You’ll notice that my company colors reflect my choice of teams, but I wont hold it against you if your not a Carolina Fan.  Carpet and Floor cleaning and disaster recovery has become somewhat a passion of mine over the years because I see the value that it brings to business’ and home owners when our work is done.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning may seem like a simple thing to most people and all in all, it is a fairly straight forward task with the right equipment, knowledge, and tools. But I find it to be a personal goal in each and every job we deal with to bring back and restore the value of the carpet in the home or business where we work. There are times where the damage is just too much or the age of the carpet has made it too far gone due to wear and years and layers of normal dirt and foot traffic. But in most cases, we are able to come in and restore an investment for the client and leave them with the feeling that their money was well spent and a far much cheaper price than replacement. That is what drives me to create the best carpet cleaning company in the low-country because we take pride in our work. We understand the value in what we do and how it can change the way the client looks at and feels about their home or business. We want to earn your business, your trust, and the right to be the only people you will ever call again.

Disaster Recovery

When things go wrong, we go to work. It may sound like a catchy slogan, but all in all , its true. We have see some truly messy situations where home owners or business have found themselves with real disaster and in most cases the clock is ticking. Our fast response and professional know how have saved many of our clients thousands of dollars in water damage by getting to the scene quickly and knowing what to do immediately. Water damage can not only ruin carpets, but also destroy shoe molding, sheet-rock, sub-floors and a whole host of other things. The longer it sits, the more damage it usually does. Our team is available 24-7 to respond to your needs and we have the tools to get the job done right and get it done fast. When we arrive on scene we can see the panic in our clients eyes as they see such a mess before them, but within minutes of us being there, the chaos starts to quickly get into order. We have a system, and a process that is time tested. As the owner of the company it is my passion to make sure we protect you (our Client) with every but of effort necessary and earn the right to earn your solid permanent trust as your go to company for any and all of your disaster recovery needs.