Stain Academy

Welcome to the Stain Academy

Here you will be able to gain knowledge about the different types of stains you may encounter. You will also learn what to do to keep the stain from permanently damaging your carpet while we are on the way. At Carolina SteamPro, we believe that educating our customers is just as important as the quality of our work. It is our goal to keep your floors clean and stain free. What better way is there to accomplish this goal, than to arm our customers with the skills to do battle with the enemy we call stains.

We have included information on some of the most common stains we encounter. The stain fighting tips we have provided are not a permanent fix. The tips are for the purpose of keep the stains from setting into your carpet. The stain might seem gone on the surface, but might still remain underneath the carpet. Carolina SteamPro wants to be your partner in combat against the stains that try to invade your home. Arm yourself with the knowledge we have provided for you, and lets win the war on Stains.

Blood Stains

Blood Stain

Ink Stains

Ink Stain

Pet Stains

Pet Stain

Wine Stains

Wine Stain

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